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MyBlender Publishing Platform

A drag-and-drop, intuitive tool to create stunning-looking Themes in minutes. Requires no programming skills and provides real-time preview of the Theme.
When your fans share Blends they are hosted on MyBlender and the links shared to their social channels. This ensures that offensive Blends can be removed from those channels and maintains Brand integrity.
Users can report Blends that are offensive. Moderators are alerted via email and use the MyBlender admin interface to review and either approve or remove Blends based on Brands guidelines. Moderation services can also be provided by a MyBlender support team member.
For in-venue fan engagement MyBlender has made the life of the broadcast team worry-free. A playlist can be generated by a broadcast team member and the list exported directly to popular live broadcast servers such as the Abekas Mira. Playlists can also be created by a MyBlender support team member.
Users create an account using their existing social media credentials or by entering an email and password. Single sign on support between your user database and MyBlender ensures complete transparency between the embedded MyBlender functionality within your mobile application.
The MyBlender publishing platform allows you to publish new Themes on specific dates and times. Users can opt to be notified when new Themes are available. Themes can also be removed from the Theme library following an event.
Everything about MyBlender is tracked. From the number of Blends created and Themes used to views on interstitial screens and social media comments. The visual analytics interface is accessed by your MyBlender admin account. Third party tags can be applied to MyBlender and a direct interface to popular BI tools is also provided.
Integration of the MyBlender technology into your existing application could not be easier. Our application framework and robust API support provides complete flexibility over features and the creative look and feel of MyBlender to match your existing user experience.

MyBlender Mobile App Framework

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Constantly engage your fans with new themes

With MyBlender’s unique ThemeMaker™ Application you can easily develop and publish new Themes then push them to your mobile audience to engage them for specific events, venues, holidays or any special occasion.

Thememaker uses a dynamic drag-and-drop interface to create amazing-looking Themes easily without any software programming required.

Because Thememaker uses the Blend Engin™ you can preview your Theme as you design it. This means new Themes can be created and published in hours not months like other applications!

Use the Scheduler to publish Themes on a specific day and time. And chose when to unpublish a Theme.

Most importantly, new themes do NOT require an update of the application in the app store.

A unique sponsorship opportunity
with direct links to commerce

  • Interstitial sponsorship images are an integral part of MyBlender’s intuitive UI.
  • Direct links to commerce such as; music purchases, ticket sales or other merchandizing can be seamlessly integrated into the MyBlender application experience.

Deliver value to your brand and sponsors

Comprehensive reporting on application use and sponsorship exposure is delivered the MyBlender publishing platform.

Intuitive moderation ensures a brand-safe engagement

  • The MyBlender publishing platform provides an intuitive and responsive moderation interface.
  • Moderators can review submissions and remove Blends quickly that don’t meet brand guidelines.
  • Flagged Blends are immediately removed from social media networks
  • Use the Moderation interface to judge contests and select winners.
  • Identify Blends to display on in-venue scoreboards or displays.

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