The meteoric growth in Instagram was largely due to the simplicity of creating and sharing good-looking photos. Creating and sharing good-looking video from a mobile phone is an order of magnitude more difficult and is therefore a barrier to sharing. This is the problem that co-founders and best friends, Paul Holtz and Andy Sheldon, have set out to solve.

Paul has built multiple businesses with his creative video editing and production experience. He is the founder and CEO of Studio Backlot, an online community for hobbyists, students, teachers and enthusiasts, who shoot and produce videos for fun or non-commercial applications. Paul provides tips and tricks on creating professional-looking videos. In one such tutorial, he showed members how to create a 100 image montage in under five minutes. To achieve this Paul created a Pinnacle Studio Project and shared this with the community. All you have to do is point the Project at your folder of images and Voila! A Ken Burns-style montage in minutes. This ended up being one of the most popular tutorials in the community. Thousands of members created their own photo montages and feedback flooded in for more such tutorials.

This was the catalyst for MyBlender. The idea was simple, the execution a lot more painful! The challenge was to create a mobile application that has the horse-power to automatically produce professional-looking videos in a few seconds from content captured on the user’s mobile phone. Fortunately for us we discovered the brilliant Andrei Neacsu, our CTO, and his incredibly talented team of mobile app developers. After two years of development, multiple patents filed and tremendous feedback from our beta users – we are proud to present, MyBlender.

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